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​​​​​​​​​​​Acupuncture by George LLC, located near the Morrisville Post Office, was founded by practitioner George Chachis who attributes the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to his own recovery and rehabilitation from a near-death brain injury.  He is a Pennsylvania licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac).  Acupuncture By George LLC is located at 201 Wooston Drive, Suite 2A, and provides free parking to clients. His office is wheelchair accessible with both an elavator an ADA customized restroom.

George’s own treatment with acupuncture for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) provides him with a unique patient’s perspective of how acupuncture can help those with pain, stress, and brain injuries.  The neurosurgeon who saved George’s life told him he would never work again.  However, acupuncture proved to be a key treatment that enabled him to get back to work in his former profession as an Aviation Computer Simulation Project Manager at the Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center in Pomona, NJ. 

George earned an M.S. in Acupuncture from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine at New York. He did acupuncture internships in two Manhattan hospitals where he specialized in pain management and palliative care.  He worked with women’s pain issues at New York University (NYU) Hospital’s Langone Center Initiative for Women with Disabilities, which provides acupuncture in support of traditional medical treatments for pain and emotional issues. At NYU he worked with patients who were no longer responsive to opioids. The hospital’s outpatient facility provided acupuncture as part of their pain management plan. George was selected by the faculty of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for a Janet Tsai Memorial Scholarship, awarded to students who have demonstrated a commitment to Women’s Health and/or Women with Disabilities, for his palliative care work at NYU.  George also interned at the Veteran Administration (VA) hospital pain clinic‘s dedicated acupuncture facility, treating the specialized needs of former military out-patients.  The Manhattan VA pain clinic serves veterans with chronic pain issues who have had prior service in all the branches of the military from the Second World War all the way up to today’s veterans of conflicts and wars.

In April 2011 George volunteered at a clinic sponsored by Healer2Healer for Mayan Indians in the Highlands of Guatemala. He treated over 50 Mayan patients in Quiche Province with ear acupuncture. George also trained traditional Mayan healers in how to use simple, easily available materials to perform ear acupressure as part of their Mayan folk healing modalities in a region where Western medicine services are extremely limited.   He developed a manual, translated into Spanish, for the Q'anil Women's Cooperative, so that the ear acupressure protocol could be transmitted to other traditional Mayan healers.

Besides his acupuncture experience, George has several years of palliative care experience working as a volunteer with cancer patients using the Japanese energy medicine known as Reiki.  He was a Reiki volunteer at the You Can Thrive! Organization for breast cancer survivors in Manhattan and provided Reiki to out-patients while they were receiving chemotherapy treatments at the RWJ Hospital Cancer Institute Clinic in Hamilton, NJ.